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Tevin Brown

Started by smidge34, January 18, 2022, 08:38:59 AM

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Maybe the most "complete" player we've ever had. He does so many things well.
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Quote from: smidge34 post_id=189677 time=1642516739 user_id=45Maybe the most "complete" player we've ever had. He does so many things well.

I'm inclined to agree.  I don't think he is as good a shooter as Canaan, and not as good a passer or handles the ball as well as Morant or Payne, but he rebounds better and plays better man to man defense than any of those three.  He does so much on the floor that I think it sometimes it leads to a few too many turnovers.  I would put him in there with the Top 10 Racers I have seen in my lifetime, and that goes back to the Ron Greene days.  Definitely a Racer HoF.


After Ja I think Tevin tried to do too much.  And he kind of had to with the talent we had the last two years.  This year he has slipped back in the more supporting role like he was and he's flourishing again.  But yes, turnover prone, but usually is because he has the best defender from the other team in his grill.


Tremendous all around player, who guards the other teams best perimeter player, and seldom comes out of the game. Also, don't forget, it's because our coaching staff went to see Brown play, that we discovered Morant. How slick is that? :clap:


One more more year...


When we signed Ja and Tevin I commented that they had a shot to have a similar impact as Mann and Martin. Tevin isn't Martin. But, subtract last year and he's been pretty darned good. We all know how good Ja is. I'm going to pat myself on the back for making that comparison.


When the old timers hark back to the 60's and beyond, this accomplishment by Tevin is monstrous. Hope Tevin makes loads of money when he does go pro.


Marcus Brown was the most complete Racer player I remember. The night he put up 35 against a great Louisville team was probably in the top 10 of all time Racer performances. Ja and the triple double, Popeye's 30+ against number 1 seed Michigan State are clearly ahead of it, but can't recall many others off the top of my head.

Tevin is in the same class as Marcus, which is an elite group. I'd take either one and be very happy.

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