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Own a Ja Dunk, only $475,000

Started by ERacerHead, December 13, 2021, 04:26:41 PM

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I was totally unaware of the world of NFTs and how you can now own a digital card much the same way as many of us used to collect baseball cards.  I'm posting the list of the 10 most expensive NBA digital cards.  Ja is #4 and #5 on the list.  Anybody know much about this technology and why it's become so popular?  I am clueless. $475,000???

Kentucky Lake

It is an epic waste of money, almost a scam.


While it may be a waste of money and a scam, it's nice to see a former Racer get two of the top ten spots.  
NTFs are really interesting and something to at least be aware of.  In ten years we will know if the people who invested in them were idiotic  or genius.

Kentucky Lake

It's similar to crypto... you're investing/buying in something you cannot see, touch, smell, taste, etc.  It's not tangible.  Our monetary system is heading that way, but at least you can still possess paper money.  

I can create a silly JPG, "digitally" sign it and say you can have this and all the rights to it for $10,000, but that will not stop people from duplicating it.  

The whole thing is ridiculous.



All the support this concept needs, is an Elon Musk tweet. :roll:

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