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RACERS vs. Eastern Kentucky Game Thread

Started by RacerPreacher, February 25, 2020, 02:07:03 PM

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Tevin Brown 0-2, 0 points first half. What the heck is going on with this team?!?!



idk why chico isn't at point rn. The offense did so much better with him out there a daquan at the 2 or 3.

Also why is eaves not shooting it more? He was on fire earlier and even in the 2nd half, yet he keeps trying to drive into 3 defenders. Just stop and pop man


If there's anything I've learned so far this game is that I'd hate to have to play this team again in the tournament.


Plus 5 in steals, +4 in blocks. I like that.


Belmont beats Tech by 3. Edwardsville up 20 at Martin. Most unpredictable OVC season ever?


Only 9 team assists. That needs to improve. Seems like we get better in one area, and, regress in another area.


We won by 12 and tied for first going into last game.  We lost Ja, shaq and Darnell. You guys are spoiled.  You expect perfection night in and night out. The only perfection ever has been Jesus Christ!  We have succeeded expectations this season and still far from done.  

Go Racers


Great 2nd half.  I'll take it.  Go Racers!  Need a big load crowd Saturday night.


Quote from: 02Racer post_id=179958 time=1582853032 user_id=4518Where's Nell?
Where was Nell?


I was told earlier today that at our last home game he just sat on the bench with his arms crossed, no dancing, no interacting with the team. So tonight I was looking for him to see how he was. But, I never saw him.



Quote from: popeyejonesfan post_id=179969 time=1582859609 user_id=20622Belmont beats Tech by 3. Edwardsville up 20 at Martin. Most unpredictable OVC season ever?

It's never unpredictable for Martin to be losing by twenty.
It\'s not easy being the best, but around here it\'s tradition.


Quote from: RockinRacers post_id=179976 time=1582863689 user_id=305Where was Nell?

He had surgery again.

I heard same but couldn't confirm and that his knee was wrapped and in crutches at SIUe.
Uva uvam vivendo varia fit


EIU just won by 2 over semo.  Go figure.

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