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New intro video

Started by bjhracer, November 05, 2016, 01:18:40 AM

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What is everyone's thoughts on new intro video?   I thought the music was kind of depressing not very upbeat. Liked the voice over radio calls though.  They need to add be music to it make it exciting like the welcome to the jungle video a few seasons ago.
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Didn't they have to pay for the use of "Welcome to the Jungle"

I do agree that the last few years the video has been kinda disappointing (to me). i do like the game calls, just wish the music was more upbeat and pumping.

I still think the one from Memphis (the year Murray won) was one of the best I have seen. Starts off kinda slow with game calls and the space oddity music and kicks in to Egypt Central "Kick Ass"
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The game calls are great, but the music is a yawner.  I favor a more up beat/ motivating tune.
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The string music intro is cool for 5-10 seconds. The ending is fine, but needs to come on way earlier imho.
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Can anybody please post a link to it?

Dan T

I think the video accomplishes it's mission to calm the crowd down before introductions of our players.  That is the motive, isn't it?


I was kinda thinking that the other night.  Why don't they play it maybe during warmups?  It kills the vibe and gives the other team in my opinion more time to talk things out.  Or maybe when they are in the locker room after the first set of warm ups before coming back out?  I know at Pred's hockey games they play a similar style video before they come back out after the first round of warm ups.


Uva uvam vivendo varia fit


Me too! Video quality is poor compared to last year.  Also I agree It doesn't fit right before the player intros. JoeD, do you know who oversees the video production?  It needs work!

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