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If we had fast pitch softball.....

Started by CallowayRacer33, February 22, 2007, 12:55:13 PM

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Would they be the Lady Thoroughbreds, or the Lady Racers?



Maybe the Mares or some other name for a female horse.  I'm not a horse person so I don't know that much about what they are called.



They should just be the Racers. The "Lady" appellation is archaic and uneccessary.

And believe me NO woman wants to be called a mare :-). You MIGHT be able to call a woman a filly without getting killed LOLOL. Call a woman a mare and you better run very fast :-).


Quote from: "JeffreyGeiger"They should just be the Racers. The "Lady" appellation is archaic and uneccessary.

Not another politically correct promoter..... :x

There is a very real difference in the two (duh) and I believe they know it and doubt the women mind being called ladies. Last I called my girlfriend a lady she didn't seem to mind. Archaic? Broad or dame maybe, but certainly not lady.
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It's archaic as an athletic nickname and it isn't apt either. Do ladies fight and scrap for the ball? And it's not necessary anyway. If they play for MSU they are Racers.


If there were men's softball, I could see using "Lady," but like volleyball and soccer, there is no male counterpart, so they are just "Racers." Women's tennis is the only women's team that is just "Racers" that has a men's counterpart.

For that reason, I vote "Racers," but I've got no problem with calling them all Racers. If you can't tell that Jenny, Ashley, Erica, Katie or Jessica plays for a women's team, then it's not Murray State that's confusing you.
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