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Men's Basketball / Thanks, Mr Mackey
March 19, 2006, 08:45:35 PM
You are a good poster.  I turned down a position in Chapel Hill 15 years ago, but still regard it as one of the most beautiful campuses in the country, and can't help wondering "what if".....
I am sure you will be dominant next.  Just don't play us in round one.......
Men's Basketball / Mixed Emotions
March 19, 2006, 05:35:02 PM
I watched the UNC loss today with mixed emotions.  On the one hand, I already said that I would be a Tarheel fan and root for them to repeat because they beat us.  But on the other hand, I wanted them to lose because they beat us......

Oh well, at least I feel better no longer having to root for UNC.  The Tyler kid reminds me too much of Danny Ainge anyway.....his mere presence irritates me.  I think Griffith's performance against him will turn some pro scouts heads.  

I am also delighted that the Washington DC sweet sixteen bracket contains only ONE team that the experts predicted would be there.  UConn, Washington, George Mason and Wichita State.  Who would have ever thought it?  Just wish the Racers could have gotten one more three to fall and one less bone to break, since George Mason and Wichita State would have been very winnable match-ups....maybe even boxvic would have thought we had a chance.
Men's Basketball / Thank them and.....
March 19, 2006, 11:37:59 AM
Don't just thank Neal and Nathan for the (once again) great job they do broadcasting games.  Write a note to the AD, since he is technically their boss, and let him know that you think highly of the broadcasts.  And it doesn't hurt to tell the sponsors that you appreciate them supporting Racer Basketball as well.......
Men's Basketball / It will only get worse....
March 19, 2006, 07:51:47 AM
Wish that I could offer some comforting words Cowboy, but it will only get worse.  Ask Florida State (or Cincinnati) how interested they are in scheduling us next season.  The committee made a strong statement to the big boys this year that playing the little guys and winning leads to an NIT bid.

It is very discouraging watching a Racer team that we know could beat half of the teams in the tournament consistently draw one of the best teams in round 1.  But as long as we are in the OVC, nothing will change for the better.  If we would change conferences, perhaps nothing would change either, that is a risk.  But in  my opinion, it's worth whatever the risk.  We have done as much, and gone as high in the OVC as we possibly can.  So our choices are to keep winning the OVC, keep griping about noone playing us, keep getting low seeds and playing close losses to top 10 tens in the first round, OR change conferences.  But I suspect we are in our comfort zone and basically prefer winning lots of OVC games to risking weekly beatings (like Louisville experienced) to help our RPI.
People stay put for lots of different reasons.  One possibility is that he came so close to winning a national title with his recruits several years ago that he thought they had another chance and was waiting around till it happened.  I wouldn't view being a twelve year assistant/associate as a negative, especially if you have an opportunity to learn at a championship program.
I agree MrMackey, it was called equally bad.  The officiating was so one-sided the first half that it almost seemed that the referees felt obligated, or pressured, to make some horrible make-up calls the second half.  But even with all of that, we still had our chances.....

I didn't watch the George Mason game, but with both UConn and UT showing vulnerability, UNC has a very good chance to win the bracket.  I know that I will be rooting for them.  But not today, I still feel heartbroken.  I will become a temporary Tarheel fan tomorrow.
Men's Basketball / continuity
April 03, 2006, 10:14:36 AM
This has turned into an interesting thread.  Is it better to hire a short timer or someone who wants to stay?  I think it's worth noting that the only mid-major to make it to the final four in recent memory (George Mason) did it with Jim Larranaga, a 56 year old coach who had been there nine seasons.

Tomorrow is closing day for the coach job search.  I am sure they will hire a good fit for the program, but I will not be disappointed if they go for someone who wants to stay here.
Men's Basketball / NCAA Off-Campus Recruiting Exam
March 29, 2006, 10:12:13 AM
After reading this job description, I was curious what the NCAA Off-Campus Recruiting Exam was.  I've posted a link below to a practice test.  It's actually pretty interesting for those of us who have no idea what the test involves.
Men's Basketball / Coach Job Description
March 29, 2006, 09:06:14 AM
With all the talk about the new coach, it's interesting to see what the University wants.  This is pasted from the GoRacers website.  

Job Openings With Murray State Athletics

Head Men's Basketball Coach
HEAD MEN'S BASKETBALL COACH, Department of Athletics, Murray State University.  NCAA Division 1/Ohio Valley Conference.  Full-time, 12 month position to begin April 2006.  QUALIFICATIONS:  Bachelor's degree required, Master's degree preferred.  Previous successful collegiate coaching and recruiting experience is required at the Division 1 level.  Knowledge of and ability to apply NCAA and Conference rules as they relate to the men's basketball program.  Demonstrated ability to work well with students, faculty, community and media is required along with a demonstrated understanding of and strong commitment to cultural diversity.  Demonstrated knowledge of fiscal management.  Excellent communication skills and strong organizational skills.  Working knowledge of computers.  Successful candidate will be required to pass the NCAA Off-Campus Recruiting Exam.  RESPONSIBILITIES:  Planning, development and administration of all phases of the program.  Monitoring of student-athlete academics, participation in fundraising events, and direction of summer camps.  Organization and supervision of practices, management of the program's budget, scheduling, coordination of team travel, and supervision of scholarships.  Recruiting of quality student-athletes in a program committed to academic and athletic excellence.  APPLICATION DEADLINE:  April 4, 2006.  TO APPLY:  Send letter of application, résumé and names, addresses and telephone numbers of three references to:  Head Men's Basketball Coach Search, Attn:  Chairperson, Murray State University, 217 Stewart Stadium, Murray, KY 42071.  Equal education and employment opportunity, M/F/D, AA employer.
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