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Men's Basketball / Coaches Comments????!!!!!
December 03, 2006, 08:49:03 AM
The part I think the original poster was critisizing was that Kennedy stated he would just hope he misses.  Even the announcer dor the game said thats not the way to defend lofton I know they are not coaches but hoping somebody misses is not the answer a coach should give.   As for playing time for Williams.  You should bench Paul, cut Thomas' minutes and play williams on the floor with spoon.  They are our two best playmakers.  In fact I think Williams is a better scorer than spoon, I think there play would compliment each other and lead to more points more rebounds for spoon and a much better offensive set.
Men's Basketball / I'm speechless, too
December 02, 2006, 09:48:59 AM
I do not see how you guys can say we are improving  with each game our best performance this year was against York in exhibition  Kenndy let the players play the game and we saw Marvin Williams lead scoring with 16 points and a number of rebounds spoon also contributed in his first game with a double double.   I don't like you guys using his foot as an excuse that injury was nine months ago.  And Spoon has shown me in every game he is there to play.  I know it was just exhibition but the team we beat by 25 fought Dayton to the wire a week before.  Our next game was against a top 35 team we lost by 3 and scored 85 points.  No trouble with the offense there.  And if you remember we started that game on fire like we were there to win.   KYLake I may not have expected the team to start 2-6 like you but I have went in to every game expecting a chance to win.  I know you guys are going to nail me for this one but,  I think it is entirely the coaching staffs fault we are 2-6.   DOn't get me wrong I do think Kennedy was a good hire he has D-1 experience and has a good work ethic, maybe he can turn it around.  But some of the decisions he has made are just plain dumb...  like not pressing the entire second half vs EIU when we built a 19 point lead in the 1st half playing that style.  Or not using a  2-3 zone the final 8 mins against UCI the defense that gave SIU fits.  Or just the players he is playing.  We have guys on the bench that can turn this team around with dribble penetration and aggressive defense and rebounding  ie williams, ard.   I see this team steadily getting worse.  And yes you guys are right we will fare better against ovc schools heck we might even win the ovc, but what does that say anymore if we cant even make it a game against SIU or Tennessee.  .  I have alsways held murray on a pedastal above the OVC and for the past 20 years we have been.  We've been able to go anywhere anytime and make a game out of it.  I don't want to be mediocre in the OVC..  From what i've seen so far Kennedy is content on just playing to the leagues potiential..  He has a "your only as good as your conference" mentality.  we have lost every non-confernce d-1 game. our losses are against a mountain west team, West coast conference team, and mid pack Horizon team.  NOt exactly the highest caliber competition.  
Do we have the talent to beat these teams? Yes Do we have the coaching staff?  Not from what I've seen so far.
Men's Basketball / This Quote Puzzles Me
December 01, 2006, 10:16:00 AM
The timeout I felt like coach kennedy was referring to was late ib the second half when uic went on a 7-0 run to cut the lead to two.  If I'm not mistaken after the timeout we scored 7 unanswered points.  Sounds like their not listening to me.....
Men's Basketball / Curtis Parker
November 20, 2006, 12:25:23 PM
I went to SIU and I saw a very winnable game SIU did not impress me.   I have problems dealing with who coach kennedy plays at certain times.  I know he plays matchups but I am beginning to wonder if he is playing favorites.  If the answer is he is playing who is performing at practice I give you this answer :  practice is completely different from a game situation why not play the guys who have been performing ion games.  i.e.  Curtis Parker and Marvin Williams.  Marvin had only about 2 minites at Siu and while he was in he forced 1 turnover had a block and showed progress in an offense that had been lacking the entire first half by driving to the basket and causing siu's defense to collaps inward.  I feel Dwayne Paul and Danero Thomas had way too many minutes.  Their play in game situations does not merit sitting PArker and Williams the entire game.   Also I was wondering what some people that went to the game thought about our warm up drills..  Rolling the ball to the three point line then defending the player as he drives to the basket without dribbling.  If you asked me I think those warmups looked like a highschool drill to me.  Not the way to get ready for a game against the team ranked 29th in the country.
Men's Basketball / SDSU Predictions
November 11, 2006, 08:28:28 AM
Great post Marshall..   Who was it anyway that picked us 8th in the ovc, athlon?   By what I saw last night the OVC should be ashamed for picking us 4th..   Go Racers beat those gaels.
Men's Basketball / SDSU Predictions
November 10, 2006, 10:18:40 AM
Neither team has played a game this regular season so its very difficult to determine a winner.   Although from other post msu seems to be very comfortable.  They are not favored and they are there to have fun and play ball.  Remember our last few early season road trips where we were favored we have lost.  ( in Corpus Christie, siu two years ago, st. mary's) and we've lost pretty bad.  The last few where we were not favored we have won or has been close (Cincinnatti, Tenn last year, Western last time we played at diddle, and dayton in 97).  Given all of this and that its on a neutral court and SDSU are missing some players I think the point spread will be 10+  for murray.     77-62 MSU
Men's Basketball / Poll for discussion
November 06, 2006, 03:29:36 PM
I think the prep rule plays to the advantage of the mid-major.  Mid-majors usually get to keep players for a duration of 2-4 years.  This is a team game, a group of guys that have played together for 2 years can have  the advantage over a more talented often shuffled team.  Remember guys still can leave early for the NBA.
Men's Basketball / Poll for discussion
November 06, 2006, 02:10:21 PM
With George Mason making it to the final four last year what's your thoughts on this question?
Men's Basketball / SIU and SAn Diego State
November 06, 2006, 08:04:08 AM
Both recieved votes in the coaches poll  SIU ranked 28th and SDSU 34th.  This next week is going to be a huge test.  But I know our Racers can pull off both wins.  GO RACERS
Men's Basketball / New jerseys
November 06, 2006, 07:19:45 AM
What's everyones opinion on the new jerseys I was kind of dissappointed they didn't  have their names on the back.  Sure makes it hard when you have all new players to learn who everyone is,
Men's Basketball / Marvin Williams is a stud
November 05, 2006, 09:48:41 AM
Marvin looked awesome.  After his first two dunks and blocked shot I knew he was going to be something special.   One thing I did notice was that Marvin was subbing in for spoon alot.  These two were our two best performers in game one and I would like to see them run the floor together.  

My opinion marvin deserves a starting spot alonside spoon, keep easly in the middle, Horton at point and either paul or holloway at the 2.  With both marvin and spoon in there we'll be a force on the boards plus the offense of both players will open up the D around easly and give him some open looks.  He is really talented and shouldn't be overlooked just because of some foul trouble and a par game.

All in all I think this team has what it takes to run the table in the ovc once we gel.   We have awesome players at every position and an above average bench.  20 wins is not out of reach.  Go RACERS
Men's Basketball / Early season predixtions
October 26, 2006, 09:41:32 AM
lets hear eveyones prediction for the first few games of the season.  I think we will win in Cali then lose in Carbondale
I think we'll be 9-1 trought the first 10 games.  Losing at Carbondale then stealing one in knoxville.  Payback from last year
Men's Basketball / Street & Smith's
October 11, 2006, 07:23:33 PM
Anyone read the new addition we're picked to finish 2nd.
Men's Basketball / Re: Ja Morant - The Truth
January 22, 2019, 02:48:29 PM
I think we would have just as many road games to attend.  Just as many people would go to Evansville and SIU that go to Peay and Martin.   Also we wouldn't be playing in a high school gym.  Plus we could always schedule peay in non conference.   Not a loss at all.  Plus if we played in MVC this year they would be a 2 bid conference and our hopes of making the tourney wouldn't hinge on 2 wins in Evansville.
Sounds like a good pick up.  I was a little worried about the two seniors from birmingham southern, but as I think about i they won't have to learn our style of play  we are completely starting from scratch.  This team looks well balanced with this addition.   From reading about Thomas I cant help but remember aubrey reese a great ball handler unselfish and a prolific scorer.  Just add ike spencer and vincent rainey (our two BirSou tranfers)  and we've got the next George Mason...  Really looking forward to next season.
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