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Men's Basketball / If this doesn’t fire you up!
March 04, 2020, 11:18:32 AM
Posted this in recruiting and thought I'd link it here too. Sounds like some good times coming!

Quote"I think Dionte kind of modeled his game after Ja," East Lake coach Britt Taylor said. "Their games are very similar. That's why he wanted to go to Murray State."

As a freshman at East Lake, Blanch was a two-sport star. He played football, in part to stay connected with his older brother, Tupac, a senior at the time. Blanch made an immediate impact on the gridiron, finishing with 19 tackles and averaging 43 yards per kickoff return.

Juggling football and basketball became too much. So Blanch chose basketball.

Still, that did not stop college football programs from recruiting him. Letters from Clemson, Syracuse and other big-time schools kept piling up even after Blanch quit playing football. Blanch has more than 100 of those letters stuffed in a shoebox at home.
Men's Basketball / Conference race
February 02, 2020, 12:26:06 PM
Men's Basketball / Not Racers but conference related
February 02, 2020, 12:03:54 PM
I agree.

QuoteRay is in his fifth season and there are athletes - on a two-win team - complaining about which position they play.

That is a program that lacks a winning culture.

Ray has lost contributing players to transfer such as Tahj Eaddy (24 minutes per game for a 17-win Santa Clara squad this year); Denzel Mahoney (21 points Saturday in a 15-point win at No. 8 Villanova); LeDarrius Brewer (a double-digit scorer in his first two college seasons); and Gabe McGlothan (the Redhawks' leading rebounder last season as a freshman); each of whom should be on THIS Southeast team.
Men's Basketball / THIS is how you do it
January 16, 2020, 01:44:33 PM
I don't tout them often, like never, but this is how you make a deal. They're getting $1.5 million per annum EVERY year for the next 14 years and then they'll strike a new deal.  We gave our naming rights away imho.
Football / FCS ‘ship was yesterday
January 12, 2020, 06:42:57 AM
NDSU won their 8th championship in 9 years yesterday. Honestly how many of you knew the game was yesterday, who was in it and the result before reading this?
Men's Basketball / Sagarin
January 04, 2020, 02:36:55 PM
According to Ken Pomeroy the best rating system is Sagarin and it's the most accurate imo, especially by mid season. In a "down" year I still expect us to remain in the upper 50% of D1 at a minimum, around 175 or better. The conference is awful this season as a whole.
Men's Basketball / EKU gets a 91-49 beatdown at UK
November 09, 2019, 06:28:27 AM
Tell me again what good this game does EKU's program other than a paycheck you can get at a host of non-state programs that aren't light years ahead of your program and the fact that nobody has to drive far to watch their team get EMBARRASSED. This game also reinforces the perception that you're little brother. Go get paid out of state and play Ole Miss where you can keep it at 20 or less. Ugh this is one of the worst aspects of our conference affiliation.
Football / Missouri State series
August 26, 2019, 05:41:22 PM
A half decade plus 2 from now lol.  :crazy:
You never see articles like this about that other non-big budget in state program 2 hours to our EAST lol.

QuoteIn the basketball-crazed state of Kentucky, the town of Murray, home to Murray State Basketball, is a three to four-hour drive from Lexington and Louisville, but in their corner of the Bluegrass State over the last 25 years or so they have gone from a stepping stone basketball program to one that should be seen more like a program that can help build the careers of the coaches and players that grace their floors.

Over the last quarter century, this little school has churned out coaches, and in more recent years, players that have continually gone on to bigger things, here is a look at the coaches and players that have turned Murray State from stepping stone to building block.
🡱 🡳