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Indianapolis Cathedral beat previously unbeaten Chesterton by over 30 points to win the 4A (next to largest division) state title - Jaxon Edwards had 14 pts and 7 rebounds.  While 14 and 7 might not blow you away, keep in mind he's playing on a team with at least 2 other D1 athletes and the game was never in doubt in the second half.  I watched a replay of the game last evening and he had 3 steals on the perimeter in the first half alone.  He's long and athletic - not much of a 3 point shooter yet but has a decent mid-range game and is a great slasher.  I really hope we hang onto this young man - Cathedral produces a lot of D1 talent and it would be nice to open an inside track to that program.  Their point guard is going to EKU next year and their center (he's a junior) is being pursued by Purdue, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Indiana and others.  I saw at least one other player on their roster that looks like a D1 player to me.
Men's Basketball / OVC Basketball - NET Rankings
December 29, 2021, 09:41:44 AM
Belmont            35
Murray State     48
Morehead St.    108
SIUE                 239
Tech                 259
APSU                260
UT Martin         282
TSU                  289
SEMO               311
EIU                  355

I think it's safe to say who the top 3 teams will be although the order of finish can be debated.  There's a big dropoff to #4 and the rest of the conference is anyone's guess, although I think it's safe to assume EIU will be in last.  Is this the year SIUE gets into the middle of the OVC pack?  

Bottom line is that this year there are only 3 conference losses that wouldn't be considered horrible for the Racers - both games against Belmont and the road game vs Morehead.  If we can somehow beat Belmont in Nashville that would give the Racers 2 Quadrant 1 road wins and would put us in a position for an at-large bid if we take care of business in the other OVC games.  More than 2 losses will probably be enough to eliminate a team from winning the regular season title this year.
Men's Basketball / Re: Evansville
February 19, 2020, 05:42:26 AM
They also lost their best player - Deandre Williams - to injury a game or two after the coaching scandal and he hasn't played since.
Football / Quincy Williams - NFL Update
September 20, 2019, 10:47:55 AM
Quincy is not only 2nd on the Jaguars in tackles so far this season, he's #8 in the entire league!  I doubt there are many talking heads still questioning his selection in the 3rd round.  Looking like the steal of the draft so far!
Big win for Evansville and MSU fans!
Men's Basketball / Welcome to Evansville Racer Fans!
February 26, 2018, 07:57:09 AM
Looking forward to seeing a lot of blue and gold in downtown Evansville this week.  As a local I thought I'd start a thread with a few things to check out while you're here - restaurants, sites to visit, etc.  We're sure not Nashville in terms of live music, hundreds of bars, etc., but there's still things to see and do while you're here.

Bennett Dream Car Museum - 2400 N. Heidelbach Avenue - just a couple miles north of downtown - huge collection of cars, neon signs, petroleum advertising, etc.   Last year they opened an additional building across the street that houses what is one of the largest collection of antique gas pumps in the country, and I don't doubt that's the case.  No admission charge but they will accept donations to charity.  If you're a car guy, this is well worth a visit.

LST Memorial - 840 LST Drive - visible from the Evansville river front, the WWII warship docks at the marina just around the bend from downtown.  History buffs should enjoy this one - LST's were the big transport ships that beached themselves in shallow waters, then bow doors opened up for the tanks & trucks to roll onto the beach.  Evansville built more of these warships than any other shipyard during WWII.  Make sure to watch the short documentary about the guys that flew to Greece and piloted this aging warship back across the Atlantic for restoration.  They are now in their winter hours and will only be open on Saturday from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

While you're in the arena, there's an interesting exhibit honoring the 1977 University of Evansville basketball team that was killed in a plane crash.  You can imagine what an impact that had on this community.

I'll post some more stuff as I get time - especially restaurants & watering holes to check out.  I'm looking forward to Friday night!
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