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Men's Basketball / Re: 2023 Tranfer Portal News
April 14, 2023, 12:38:51 PM
Quote from: popeyejonesfan on April 13, 2023, 03:34:46 PMMy bad. I thought CMM recruited him. You're right about him being too thin to get inside and bang with stronger players. I just thought there were some games where we were way ahead or way, way behind where he could have gotten more playing time. He isn't Popeye. But, I remember Newton catching flack for giving Popeye so many minutes as a freshman even though he was over weight and out of shape. I'm thinking that playing time helped him learn a lot, and, come back the next year and win OVC player of the year.
I agree with you on playing time, as I would have liked to see Sam get more minutes. However, I'm not in practice so I don't know if there were other factors that went into it.  Potentially, you don't want a kid to lose confidence either as I think he's still learning to play in the front court, so they may have been picking their moments with him.  I felt like this happened a bit with Morgan which is why he saw minutes go down at the end of the year.  He was recruited as a quick trigger, 3pt shooter, but really struggled this year at 27% from behind the arc.  I think as the year went on, he became afraid to pull the trigger, which is not what you want. 

I hope both make big strides over the summer.  Sam needs to work on his jump shot and post moves, but he has a great motor. I thought Morgan showed that he can really fit into that 3 or even a stretch 4 role if we play a smaller lineup, as I was impressed with is rebounding.  I still think both have extremely high ceilings and could be big contributors next year, but they have some work to put in this summer to earn playing time.
Men's Basketball / Re: 2023 Tranfer Portal News
April 12, 2023, 10:06:15 AM
Sam Murray reminds me so much of Tony Easley.  You saw the talent Tony had early on, but his thin frame made it difficult for him to go up against other bigs. It also caused him not to get a lot of minutes, but by year 2, he was a starter.  Sam is very similar in that he's still growing into his body.  He was a guard who grew quickly and has transitioned to a forward. I think he has a higher upside than Tony, if he can reach his potential. Also, if he can add about 20lbs this offseason, then he could be our staring PF.  I don't get the talk about Sam not being Prohm's guy...McMahon didn't recruit him, this staff did.  He signed with the Racers last June.
Men's Basketball / Re: MVC Tournament. Who’s going?
February 27, 2023, 04:12:16 PM
I'll be there
Men's Basketball / Re: MVC Tournament
February 24, 2023, 12:43:05 PM
I might be wrong, but we have zero chance of being the #6 seed.  The loss to Missouri State assured that.  Head-to-head is tied, but we're 70 spots lower in the NET ranking.  If we beat Valpo, we've secured the #7 spot.  If we lose to Valpo and UNI wins, then we're #8.  If UNI loses and we lose, we stay at #7.  There's no possible way we fall to #9.

Most likely scenario is that we are playing at 6pm Thursday night against Valpo with the winner taking on Bradley on Friday.
Tough loss, but exciting to see Jacobi Wood's progression.  I remember Juice Hill's first season with the Racers where he looked absolutely terrible most of the year, then flipped the switch in year 2.  Jacobi looked rough in the first couple games this year but has made the flip this tournament, which is exciting.  We knew he had the talent but man has he looked good these last two games.  Team has got a long way to go, but gaining great experience in this tournament.  Officiating was terrible, but we had the opportunity to win this game and ma too many poor decisions down the stretch.  Have to learn and grow from the L.  Glad to see Murray and Morgan get some minutes today.  We have to get those two to step up as it will be a rough road this year if we are relying on a 7 man rotation
Men's Basketball / Re: Transfer portal interest
May 20, 2022, 04:27:02 PM
Current Roster for 2022-2023

Returning Players:

DJ Burns - 6'7" 210lbs (F) 2 years eligibility


Jacobi Wood - 6'2" 180lbs (G) 3 years eligibility  Belmont
Brian Moore - 6'3" 170lbs (G) 3 years eligibility JuCo Northeastern Okla
Quincy Anderson - 6'4" 200lbs (G) 2 years eligibility DII  Minnesota State
Patrick Chew - 6'4"  (G) 4 years eligibility HS
Rob Perry - 6'4" 210 (G) 2 years eligibility Stetson
Braxton Stacker - 6"5" 185lbs (G) 4 years eligibility  HS
Justin Morgan - 6'6" 200lbs (G) 4 years eligibility HS
Jaxson Edwards - 6'6" 200 (G/F) 4 years eligibility HS
Kenny White - 6'7" 205lbs (F) 3 years eligibility  Tenn Tech
Jamari Smith - 6'8" 220lbs (F) 2 years eligibility  DII  Queens
Sam Murray - 6'9" 200lbs (F) - 4 years eligibilty HS

Would love to see a big with a little size.  We have plenty of athleticism!
Men's Basketball / Re: Transfer portal interest
May 20, 2022, 04:12:38 PM

He looks like he has the ball handling skills of a guard!  A lot of athleticism, just need to put a little more muscle on him and he'll be a force for the Racers in the valley!
Men's Basketball / Re: Transfer portal interest
May 05, 2022, 05:51:18 PM
Quote from: wkeown post_id=193475 time=1651778785 user_id=1503
Quote from: victorisgod post_id=193467 time=1651770356 user_id=99Give me a break. The guy gave us four years.

I don't wish KJ any I'll will. I do, based on if the primary objective is to make it on an NBA roster, suggest that it s a bigger gamble going to LSU than it would be to stay at Murray.  Should he stay and put up similar numbers as last year, I could almost guarantee you that he would be a lottery pick.  He goes to LSU and faces 5 star talent every game?  More than likely, the stock is gonna go down based on what I have seen of KJ defensively and offensively against other big men.

I am sure the immediate compensation at LSU is definitely going to be better than at Murray.  So there is that.

Staying at Murray St and putting up last years numbers again would not improve his draft stock at all and definitely wouldn't make him a lottery pick, sorry.  5th year seniors are not lottery picks.  Going to LSU gives him the opportunity to test himself against SEC talent each night, which will either make him a better player and increase his chance of getting drafted late 1st/early 2nd, or it will show that he's best suited overseas. If he can't cut it in the SEC, then he won't make it in the NBA. That's probably the feedback he got from NBA scouts. Assuming he got an NIL deal, then he probably makes as good of money or similar to going to the g-league.

It's the right move for him coming back to college for another season. Going to another P5 school, or even coming back to Murray is a risk. At LSU, he teams up with his PG the last two years, as well as a coaching staff who developed him and knows how to get the best out of him.

I understand the frustration over him leaving Murray, it stinks. I would have loved to have him on the team next year.  However, anyone not having a Murray St bias would agree it is the best move for KJ.
Men's Basketball / Re: Transfer portal interest
May 04, 2022, 02:58:39 PM
So where do we stand on scholarship players:

Returning Players:

DJ Burns - 6'7" 210lbs (F) 2 years eligibility


Jacobi Wood - 6'2" 180lbs (PG) 3 years eligibility
Jamari Smith - 6'8" 220lbs (F) 2 years eligibility
Kenny White -  6'7" 205lbs (F) 3 years eligibility
Quincy Anderson - 6'4" 200lbs (G) 2 years eligibility
Justin Morgan - 6'6" 200lbs (G) 4 years eligibility
Braxton Stacker - 6"5" 185lbs (G) 4 years eligibility

Jaxson Edwards - 6'6" 200  (SF) 4 years eligibility   HS
Rob Perry  - 6'4" 210 (G) 2 years eligibility  Stetson
Curt Lewis - 6'5" 220 (G) 3 years eligibility   EKU

Are we looking at any other post players?
Men's Basketball / Re: Transfer portal interest
April 01, 2022, 03:53:22 PM

Is Tim Kaine staying at Murray State? Who recruited Justin Morgan?
Men's Basketball / Re: Transfer portal interest
March 31, 2022, 03:42:38 PM

It's going to be interesting to watch how many of these kids flee the program at LSU once they get a multi-year postseason ban.
Men's Basketball / Re: New Coach Search
March 23, 2022, 03:51:21 PM
Quote from: ERacerHead post_id=192515 time=1648068173 user_id=77Of a side note, at the last Board of Regents meeting (Friday, March 11, 2022) President Jackson reported the following:

"President's report

He also shared that the university enjoyed approximately $325 million in earned media throughout the men's basketball coverage from November 2021 through March 1, 2022. Earned media, sometimes referred to as free media, is attention and exposure received from other media distributions and approaches other than paid advertising. Social media posts and media coverage are examples. This estimate is higher than the $247 million estimated in 2019 when Ja Morant played for the team."

With this kind of earned media, we ought to be able to afford to pay a coach.

Earned media is publicity or exposure gained from methods other than paid advertising. It's great for the university's exposure, but unless it translates into more students, merchandise revenue, or a larger contract from Nike, it doesn't mean anything for the basketball budget.  It's phenomenal for the university but won't pay the bills.
Men's Basketball / Re: New Coach Search
March 22, 2022, 01:08:43 PM
Quote from: Fearthehorse post_id=192431 time=1647970698 user_id=20830Tommy Llyod- Gonzaga
Michael Schwartz - Tenn
Luke Murray - UCONN
Darren Savino - UCLA

We shouldn't sell ourselves short, we should swing big for this hire!! This could be a program-defying decision going forward we and should act like we are one of the best programs in the country because we are!!! :goracers:

Tommy Lloyd?  As in, Arizona's Head Basketball Coach? Yeah, I don't think he's leaving Zona for Murray St  :lol:   Michael Schwartz just took the East Carolina HC job, so he's off the list.

Luke Murray is a great young coach, but would prefer Kane or Long if choosing someone with no HC experience (I think Tim Kaine follows Matt to LSU).  Savino has ties to the university, but I don't think he takes a HC job unless it is at a P5 school.  

I don't have a problem with looking outside the program, but it better be a slam dunk hire to take that kind of risk as we have talented coaches in waiting here.  I think an outside hire makes more sense if we needed a reset to the program.  We don't need that.  The program is in the best shape it has ever been in, so why reset it with a completely new staff?
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