Winning is tough in the FCS

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Winning is tough in the FCS

Post by 75Fan »

The top 10 winning streaks in the FCS are teams that have a winning streak of 3 games or more.

I would have thought that number to be much higher.

Here are the top winning streaks in the FCS.....

Sam Houston 12 [ WAC ]
Alabama A&M 6 [ SWAC ]
Yale 6 [ IVY ]
Presbyterian 4 [ PIONEER ]
St. Thomas (MN) 4 [ PIONEER ]
Dayton 4 [ PIONEER ]
Indiana St. 3 [ MVC ]
Montana 3 [ BIG SKY ]
Samford 3 [ SOCON ]
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Re: Winning is tough in the FCS

Post by EKU05 »

The problem is a logistical one. If you're one of the best teams (and thus the most likely to have a good streak), then you're also one of the most likely to make the playoff. And every playoff team but one has their season end in a loss.

(Also, this time a year a lot of teams are playing FBS money games you're likely to lose on top of that).
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