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John Feinstein ...Dean of all sports changes his mind!

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John Feinstein ...Dean of all sports changes his mind!

Post by SwedeDRC » Mon Feb 11, 2019 9:53 am

******************************************Bulletin Bulletin Bulletin..****************************************

In a column in yesterday's WaPo The dean of all sports, John Feinstein, has come down strongly on the side of the NCAA adding more mid majors to the March fun fest and scratching off the invite list the Power Five "We should get to go too!" ..Claiming there are no legitimate reasons not to because of the mediocure talent and records of tons of Power 5 schools inferring they are really nothing special and in the Pac 12's case just not very good.
He writes the heavy weighting of schools in the tournament just because they are who they are is not justified and the mid majors are getting screwed..(editors note..He didnt actually use the word screwed but that is what he strongly implied)
We are highlighted as certainly deserving of a bid no questions asked with, naturally a mention of Ja, as are schools like Buffalo, Hofstra, and Wofford no matter what happens to them in their conference championship. Truly a completely unexpected and breathtaking change of heart by Mr Feinstein. You can track down the article at www.washingtonpost.com and finding his column. Sadly you may have to pay for the privilege courtesy of Mr. Jeff Besos.
Alas, he has little hope things will change and the March money grab winners will continue to be the Power Five also rans but I have to love his change of heart..He has come a long way. :clap:

Go Racers!
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