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Friday Freakout

This forum is for the discussion of the men's basketball team.
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Friday Freakout

Post by JoeD » Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:40 am

In light of a successful trip to Tennessee last night, some odds and ends that have been running through my mind.

First, the soundtrack...from the late, great, Robert Nesta Marley

I know the conference season is only a couple games old, but I think it is safe to say that Ja Morant has cemented a legacy for the Racers in a short one-and-a-half seasons. But lets take a moment to admire how well the team has come together. I think we were all aware of the all-around talent that Shaq "The Knife" Buchanan is, but when his outside shot is falling he is as impressive as they come. Lockdown defense, which is dependent upon a very special mentality, is rare, but he has it. He has quick hands and oh-lets-not-forget massive athleticism. This guy has a future in the game where you cash checks.

The same is true for freshman (holy crap he still is a freshman) "Downtown" Tevin Brown. One of the best parts of seeing Ja get all the looks from NBA scouts and GMs, is that a guy like Tevin gets a chance to show what he can do. Last night was typical Tevin. Play well with the ball in your hands, play solid D, adjust as necessary, oh and shoot the lights out in Weakley County. Seriously, he is a walking EMP, leaving nothing but the confused darkness of "what just happened?" in his wake.

To me though, the part that makes this team so dangerous is that on any given night, there is a guy who will walk in and give you a career night. Darnell Cowart has shown the buttery-soft touch around the basket and has started the process of getting into D1 shape so he can stay on the floor when the team starts running (which is always the desired speed for Ja and Co.). KJ Williams, a true freshman big, while he didn't have a great game last night, has shown that he is more than capable of holding his own against the best bigs the country has to offer. Mike Davis is a matchup nightmare for most teams with his combination of skill and strength. Brion Sanchious is the blue-collar guy in the paint. He set the screens and blocks the shots, and then runs the floor far better than a 6'8", 250 lb guy should.

All the way down the bench, there are guys who aren't getting their heads down, they celebrate their teams success and are ready to come in and play. There aren't bad attitudes, just Racers.

Enjoy your Friday.
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Re: Friday Freakout

Post by racerpower » Fri Jan 11, 2019 12:17 pm

Good post big man. :salute:
Late last summer I went to some pick-up games and was amaze at the talent on the floor and reported on here somewhere we were going to be pretty good but I was told by some it was only pick-up games and you can't tell nothing by watching them. :wave: I was really impressed with Williams because he blocked almost ever shot that went up in front of him and man he will be a stud before he leaves here.

I want to say thanks to the coaches and every one that had something to do with recruiting all these young men.
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